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Photo: Tonie AuerBy Tonie Auer
DFW Chapter President/National Blog Chairwoman

Thanksgiving has left most of us anxious for the winter holidays and the fun that goes with the Christmas music, the lights of the menorahs and visiting with family and friends. Work? Well, that is a necessary evil, isn’t it?

When it comes to the B2B publishing industry, there is news aplenty.

Here are a few worthwhile articles I rounded up for a quick read while grabbing lunch at your desk, so you can leave early for that holiday party or school event later in the evening.

Medill Reports – written and produced by graduate journalism students at Northwestern University’s Medill school- reported that expanded services are the key to revenue growth for the struggling business-to-business magazine publishing industry, said a group of experts at industry conference in Chicago recently.

Reed Construction Data offers tips for B2B publishers to flourish in the tighter economy.

Rick Edmond at PoynterOnline reported on Paying for the News: Five Seeds for the Future of Journalism.

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  1. Here’s a slide show worth watching, from BusinessWeek online: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">20 Tips for Career Survival: Preventive and Preemptive Moves<>Martha Spizziri

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