Cast Your Vote: Which Twitterers Should B2B Editors Follow?

By Martha Spizziri
ASBPE Web Editor

Who’s on Twitter that B2B editors and journalists should be following? Let us know, and we’ll post the top 10 responses here in a week or so.

Here are some of our picks, in alphabetical order; their names are linked to their Twitter profiles.

Do you agree with our list? Or do you have other suggestions? Either way, let us know. To vote, simply log onto Twitter and send an @reply to ASBPE giving the person’s name and Twitter handle. (To send an @reply, just write a Twitter post beginning with “@ASBPE,” and we’ll see it.)

If you’re not already using Twitter, I encourage you to take this as an opportunity to try it out. Register an account at; then visit the ASBPE Twitter page and click the “Follow” button under our logo. You’ll start seeing ASBPE’s Twitter updates. And if you’re curious about who else you might want to follow, you can take a look at the people ASBPE is following on Twitter.

(Postscript: Just for good measure, here’s Guardian columnist Paul Carr’s list of the top 12 people the average person should follow on Twitter, found via CIO editor-in-chief Abbie Lundberg’s Twitter page. All of the people on Carr’s list are famous, at least in Britain, but he also chose his 12 because they demonstrate different ways to use Twitter. Included: MC Hammer, The Daily Show’s John Hodgman, and Shaquille O’Neal.)

5 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote: Which Twitterers Should B2B Editors Follow?

  1. I follow all of those as well. I also follow several Social Media and PR folks that have helped give me a glimpse into the other side of the industry:@PRsarahevans@chrisbrogan@davefleet@Neenz@jayrosen_nyu

  2. Joe, glad you found some new people to follow. Please feel free to let us know of anyone we’re missing who should be on the list.Erin, thanks for the votes. I will definitely check out these Twitterers.Martha

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