Journalism: How do I love thee?

We’ve seen all the memes and the goofy little photo compilations illustrating what we actually do and how people perceive us. But, I was wondering if anyone has ever sang a love song about journalism. I was shocked to Google songs about journalism and see that (just like Hollywood these days), my idea was not original. The fine folks at Poynter beat me to the punch last year. And some three years ago, Paste ran a post about songs referencing print journalism.

My favorites:

  • A Day in the Life by the Beatles (I read the news today, oh boy.)
  • Paperback Writer by the Beatles (ok, so it’s more Stephen King style writing
  • Dirty Laundry by Don Henley (even if it is about TV so-called journalists)
  • Fred Jones Part II by Ben Folds (about a journalist being let go)

I had planned to write a humorous, amusing blog post. Then, I found the Ben Folds song  from the Poynter list and it really hits home. It literally brought tears to my eyes. You can see the video and hear the song below. As we’ve seen so many of our colleagues being let go, so many publications being shuttered;  this one really painted a picture that I can’t seem to get out of my head. How many times has this scene been played out in newspapers and magazines (B2B and mainstream) across the country for years now? You’ve seen it, too. We all have. Next time you grumble about your job, think about Mr F Jones and all the others we’ve seen get shown to the door. It makes me grateful that I’m still about to contribute to the B2B world with a mixture of news and attitude. What do you think?

— Tonie Auer, ASBPE National Competition Committee Czar

1 thought on “Journalism: How do I love thee?

  1. Permit me to observe, as a 30 year veteran of journalism, in both print and electronic arenas, that the fault, of late, may lie a bit in both the preparatory and prandial nature of our journalistic buffet. Early on, educators need to foster a sense of curiosity, cultivation and appreciation of thing other than texts, tweets and wall postings. While our journalistic offerings may range from escargot to candy, the majority of today’s consumer’s think that “Snickers tastes better than snails”. While I disparage the production and consumption of neither, a well balanced literary diet should be encouraged early on. Fewer of our fellow journalists/columnists/writers would be asking “Do you want fries with that?” if there were a greater appreciation for the Menckens, Benchleys and Safires of our craft. While I may not reach those heights, to survive I can still aspire and adapt – but not abandon……

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