You can help shape the agenda for ASBPE’s next Ethics ‘Twitter Chat’

By Howard Rauch, Ethics Committee Chairman

What’s your biggest editorial ethics concern today?  Are you ready to speak out about it in a spurt of 140-character “Tweets” and get immediate reaction from your peers?  If so, you’ll definitely want to attend ASBPE’S next “Ethics Twitter Chat.”  Please mark the date and time:  June 28, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. [Edited to add: That’s Eastern time.]

Obviously there is much to discuss.  At the top of my list would be whether or not we’ve been successful in preserving the highest possible levels of editorial quality.  Another priority item that’s been glossed over in previous “Chat” sessions:  truth-in-hiring.  That is … how forthright have we been when describing promotional and financial outlooks to job applicants?

Some industry observers have issued alerts that advertisers will be pressing for more favorable editorial exposure in our digital content.  This possibility is an obvious sign that church/state disputes are still a regular event.  Do you agree?  How about freelancer relationships?  At one recent ASBPE LinkedIn discussion, anguish was expressed at how some editors were not playing fair with payment policies.  Is this process actually within your control or are you laboring under some budgetary mandate?

And the list goes on.  One promising difference in this year’s event is the level of participation by ethics committee members.  You’ll have the chance to seek input from several group editorial directors and two prominent educators.  Twitter Chat manager is Paul Heney, former ASBPE president and current TABPI president.

In advance of our session, I’d like to receive your suggestions concerning worthwhile agenda additions.  You can e-mail me:  Or call (201) 569-7714.  I always welcome input from folks on the firing line.  And be sure to watch for more updates regarding our final agenda in the Ethics News Updates regularly posted at ASBPE’s LinkedIn site.

5 thoughts on “You can help shape the agenda for ASBPE’s next Ethics ‘Twitter Chat’

  1. Here’s a bit more input on the upcoming Twitter Chat agenda, based on input from ethics committee members and others:

    (1) We’ll be allocating a segment to the ethical impact of increased B2B emphasis on expanded custom publishing activity. In some cases, this will find editors with no previous experience in client contact begin wearing content marketing hats. Some folks already have been pushed into this role and they’re not happy about it.
    (2) Home-made ethics policies that anticipate possible causes of church/state dispute need to be considered. The typical editorial staff has nothing in writing. And in some cases, certain passages in existing policies may be over the top. We should talk about this dilemma at Twitter Chat.
    (3) As if we didn’t have enough problems maintaining e-news quality, some advertisers are doing arm-twisting in hopes of getting extra on-line puff piece exposure. How widespread is this pattern and how is the effort best defended? If you have answers, be sure to bring them with you on June 28.

    Last but not least, there’s still time for you to suggest possible discussion topics for Ethics Twitter Chat. Send your ideas to or call ethics committee chair Howard Rauch: (201) 569-7714.

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