Q: Who can join ASBPE?

A: Regular membership in ASBPE is open to editors and writers who work for business, professional, trade and association/society publications, including freelance writers. Affiliate membership is open to any individual or supplier who offers products or services to regular members and/or their publishing organizations. Student membership is open to all full-time students registered at an accredited college or university. Affiliate and student memberships are nonvoting.

Q: Why should I join ASBPE?

A: ASBPE offers a variety of programs aimed at expanding professional and management training and at providing local and national networking opportunities. Unlike some other magazine associations, ASBPE is exclusively an editors’ group. Its focus is on helping editors develop skills, especially editorial management skills, that will enhance their performance and prepare them to play larger roles in their publishing organizations. To learn more about the benefits of membership, click here.

Q: How does ASBPE communicate with its members?

A: In addition to this Web site, ASBPE publishes a bimonthly newsletter and an annual directory. The Society maintains a national headquarters office to answer members’ questions, and a Job Bank at this Web site. In addition, the Society has a number of local chapters that offer educational and social programs in their metro areas.

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